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Crosstrain Mobile Camp 2014
Crosstrain Prototype Camp 2014


All Crosstrain Events strive to be a diverse gathering of T-shaped people* sharing ideas to drive empathy and knowledge across disciplines. We are a forum where creatives and developers can come together and cross train between disciplines. We specifically focus on the following values:

If you value these things, we invite you to join us for a morning of learning and sharing on January 24, 2014.

* Tim Brown on T-Shaped People

Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether you just believe in the topics of our event, are looking to attract talent, or you're a company who's already planning to send an attendee, sponsorship can highlight the benefits of your brand to our creatives and developers. Contact for more information.

Past Events

Crosstrain Morning 2013

Crosstrain Morning was an amazing experience on Jan 24, 2014 (Rescheduled due to Icemageddon 2013) in Addison, TX - we had 6 truly brilliant presentations, 60 coders & creatives, and over $1,000 in sponsored giveaways! Slides and audio available on the Crosstrain Morning 2013 page.